Great Paint Catastrophe 06

Chapter 6: Riddle Me This

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Mayhem blinked.

This had to be the worst part of any quest he had ever encounter in his fourteen years of life. Granted, this was the first real quest he had ever been on, but this just cemented the idea that this really was the first real toll bridge crossing this troll, er, Rungnir had ever done. He had half a notion to ask the troll if they had roleplaying in his tribe, because he really needed practice.

But as he was trying to just get past this moment, he shoved all that disappointment down. For Magick. “I'm Mayhem. She is Mischief.” He pointed to the right. “And our dog is Mop.”

They watched as Rungnir mulled over the new information for a few minutes. “Strange names, those,” he finally replied.

“Ahem,” Mischief said, still behind Mayhem. “Maybe we should get back to those riddles you were talking about? So we can cross the bridge and stuff.”

“Yes, yes, riddles.” Rungnir cast his hand out and swung it slowly, left to right, palm down, his voice dropping to a rasp.

“At night, they come without being fetched. And by day, they are lost without being stolen. What are they?”

“What happens if we guess wrong?”


Mayhem closed his eyes and shook his head. “If we answer wrong, what happens? And the answer can’t be that you get to eat one of our party.”

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