Hey, Audiophiles!

Let's talk Audible and a Giveaway!

Audible is having a deal through Amazon! For three months, you can only pay $5.95/month and get one book credit!

That means my audiobook box set which is normally around $30 can be yours for $5.95! THREE Audiobooks for the cost of your Starbucks!

Let me know if you buy one! On Friday, November 26th, I will give away a $10 Amazon gift card to one lucky reader! Just respond to this email with a redacted copy of your order!

Do you have an audiobook? Let me know that, too, so I can check it out and share it in another newsletter!

As always, sharing is caring, so if you know someone who would enjoy my writing, please let them know!

Oh, and one last thing

This movie is fantastic! I went tonight with my husband and our youngest, and we all loved it. Which is a huge tell, because hubby usually leaves the theater pretty unimpressed. Great story, great fun, as always stay for the after credits. See it in the theater!

That’s all! Have a great week, folks!