Well, Hello, February!

January was the longest year ever!

Last night, my hubby asked if I ever felt like I’d live to be as old as I am (or older) when I was growing up. I told him that I’d always had this recurring dream about being really old and dying peacefully in my sleep alone. But at the same time, I was suicidal as a teenager, and honestly, I couldn’t see this far. I had resigned myself to an early death. But the ‘Verse works in weird ways, and I sucked at trying to kill myself.

Go, me?

So let me know how you’d answer this question. I’m always curious.

Writing Again

I’ve been writing a lot lately since 2021 began. The despair I felt at the end of 2020 with regards to this passion has passed in no small part to the crazy vivid dreams I had when I was sick with COVID. So I see a way forward now for my books, and I’ve even participated in a few contests.

This year was my inaugural attempt at the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge. Round One was 7 days to write 2,500 words based on prompts they provided. If I move on to Round Two, I’ll have less time to write less words. Whew!

Now, if you’ve followed me at all, then you know that I’m not great at writing short stories, so this was a real challenge for me, but I’m pretty happy with the result! And soon you’ll get to read it if you follow my Patreon. No worries! It’ll be free!

You can help support my writing by reading me on Vocal+.

Rape Culture: Victim vs Perpetrator

But you can also find some of my real-life ghost stories, too.

Gift of Sight: Virginia
Seven years old is hardly the best time to meet your first ghost

In Other News

I’m home today, as I write this, in between bouts of pain and nausea from a nasty migraine. I forgot to turn on the Do Not Disturb on my work and personal cell phones, so I’m awake. Medicated but awake. I do see a nap in my near future, though.

I hope this update finds you well. Let me know if there’s anything you are interested in hearing me write about, won’t you? And of course, update me on what’s going on with you!

Much love, folks!